5 questions to ask before choosing a Doctor

5 questions to ask before choosing a Doctor

You know which car you want to drive, which restaurant to go to eat at, what moisturizer is best for your skin, what features your phone should have and even how to select a suited hairdresser. For every decision, you research thoroughly and consider even the smallest details.

Choosing a doctor will be one of the most important decisions of your life and you would never want to regret it. Gather all the data by asking the right questions and make a correct choice.

Finding a good doctor is a challenging task. How do you determine which one is suited for you? Here is a list of 5 questions to ask yourself before selecting a medical practitioner.


1)  Do I need a General Practitioner or a Specialist?

A general practitioner treats your general everyday illnesses and sees your overall health and wellbeing. He guides you on various healthcare issues and recommends going to a specialist, if needed. A specialist is an expert in a particular field of medicine and treats specific organs of the body. Understanding which doctor or specific specialist you want to consult is the primary step.


2)  What credentials and referrals does the doctor have?

Considering the educational background of the doctor you want to see will give you an insight into how equipped the doctor is to solve your problem. The number of years in the practice gives you a fair idea of how experienced and reliable the doctor is. Also, looking for referrals of other patients and doctors will help you find a doctor you can trust.


3)  Do I want a doctor who is located near my home or work?

Think whether or not travelling long distance to consult doctor matters to you. If the clinic’s location is important to you, then look for a doctor that is near your home or work place. Check if a doctor has multiple clinics and where all they are located.


4)  Do you have preferences between male and female doctor?

For appropriate treatment, it’s important to speak openly about your medical issues with your doctor. So you must be comfortable with the doctor you are choosing. Determine whether you are more comfortable in discussing your situation with a male or a female doctor.


5)  What is the primary visit consultation fee?

Your pocket plays a huge role in deciding the doctor you want to visit. Set your budget in advance and match your expectation with your chosen medical practitioner. Weighing your options before choosing will help you find a practitioner most suited for you.

Keep these factors in mind before you go about looking for a medical practitioner, be it a AcupressuristAcupuncturistAllergistAlternative Medicine,  Anesthesiologist, AudiologistAyurvedaBariatricianCardiologist or anyone else. However, most of the times acquiring all these details is not easy. When it comes to searching for a doctor following the ‘phone-a-friend’ trend is your best bet.

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