5 best free workouts you can do daily

5 best free workouts you can do daily

No matter how much it pains, you can’t deny that working out is good for your health. There are a plethora of benefits of working out, namely increase in strength and energy, reduction in stress levels, improvement in immunity, prevention from diseases, keeping body in shape and helping you look younger.


Despite knowing all the advantages, most of us do not take exercising seriously. Busy schedules, expensive gyms and lack of initiative make urban population oblivious of this basic lifestyle necessity. And, in turn, increasing the visits to the doctors near you.

Keeping up with daily health routine needn’t be time consuming or rip off your pocket. Being fit demands discipline and most importantly, your determination.

Save the trip to a gym and exercise at your own convenience with these five simple and handy workouts. Take up any of them and see for yourself!

Brisk walking

Walking is innate to human beings. Brisk walking improves fitness, reduces fat and improves the health of the heart and avoids the risk of diabetes. Just walking for 30 minutes at a fast pace everyday can keep you healthy and hearty. Who would have thought that such usual activity could be so good for our health and keep the doctors away? You do not even need a dietician if you make walking a regular habit.


Running is as good for your mind as it is for your body. Whether with an ipod or just listening and observing the wonders of the nature, running is the surest path to your overall fitness. Besides burning calories, it also strengthens the muscles, improves cardiovascular fitness and relieves stress.

Start with 5-10 minutes of running including intervals of jogging in between and gradually keep increasing 2 minutes every day. So, grab your shoes and hit the road. Avoid all future needs of Bariatrician, cardiologists, dietician and other doctors.


This fun and simple exercise will remind you of your childhood. As simple as it looks, skipping is a high intensity workout which helps burn more calories in lesser time than even running. And that’s not all, skipping helps improve heart rate and blood pressure, increases balance and improves flexibility. Skipping rope puts lesser pressure on your knees than running.


Riding a bike is perfect for exploring the roads and nature. Not just a great recreational activity, cycling also serves the purpose of a rigorous workout. Good for your physical and mental fitness, the benefits of regular cycling are many. Cycling avoids the risk of heart diseases, reduces stress, strengthens joints and bones, burns fat and increases strength. Apt for all age groups, you can ride along with your family or friends.


Swimming is a full body workout that will not only maintain body weight, but also help you build strength. Movement for every body part improves flexibility and can be done without exerting burden on the body. It is the best way to tone and strengthen the muscles and loosen stiff muscles and joints.

Get ready for a refreshing dip and a superb physique!

Most of these practices can be performed out in the nature and don’t need any fancy equipment. All it requires is you!

The workouts are also good for individuals with heart diseases or diabetes. But starters should go slow initially and not overdo any activity. Start with 20 minutes every day, and keep adding more time.

Regular exercise with proper diet plan can do wonders for your health. You can chart out a diet plan with the help of a dietician or a nutritionist, or even a general physician, which suits your body and medical condition. If you experience any major problems or changes after exercising for a few days, consult your doctor.

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