Beating stress after a busy day

Beating stress after a busy day

Are you drained of all the energy and joy by the end of the day? Does daily life seem like a big task? Then you might be subjecting yourself to chronic stress.

Fast paced life and work overload has increased stress levels in India. A recent survey in corporate India shows that around 30-40% people suffer from stress while 8-10% are suffering from mental illnesses. Psychologists attribute this growth in stress to a multitude of other factors such as relationship problems, family tension, marital discord, unemployment, financial worries and alcohol abuse.


Since these problem factors are not limited to just urban cities, stress and related illnesses have also enveloped rural India. This surge has led to an increased demand for psychiatrists and psychologists all over India. A lot of research and treatments are also coming up to combat stress and related diseases.

Effects of Stress

If you are overwhelmed by work pressure or worry invariably, then you might be exposing yourself to chronic stress. Looking at the current lifestyles and work environment it can be said that the negative effects of stress are rampant.  Many Psychiatrists and Psychologists are available in every city to combat stress and related diseases.

Chronic stress is contributing to a soaring rise in other mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression and schizophrenia among the others. It damages cognitive thinking function, weakening the memory and problem solving skills. People undergoing stress often experience frequent headaches, sleeping disorders, irritability and sexual dysfunction. In fact most of the doctor visits can be linked to stress.

Not just that, stress affects every system of the body. It slows metabolism, reduces immunity and increases blood pressure and muscles tension. Stress increases the risk of heart diseases and diabetes as well. Being under stress can also lead to obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis and hypertension. In short higher the stress, higher your frequency of visiting medical practitioners.

Let’s face it, some stress is unavoidable. If we never cared about things around us, we would never move our lazy selves out of the bed and get ready for work. But being prone to chronic stress, on the other hand, will not even let us sleep. While some worry fosters personal care and growth, consistent strain can have a fatal effect on your physical and mental health. The alarming rise in stress and mental illness calls not just for the attention of the corporates and healthcare professionals such as psychologists, but yours as well.

Stress Control

Though controlling your workload or family situation may not be easy, you can bust the stress. Taking care of your mental health has become more important than ever. Managing stress by incorporating simple habits in your lifestyle will promote your overall health and make your daily life smoother.

Reduce stress in your life by following these suggestions:

1.)    Laugh out loud: It may seem a bit funny at first, but you can actually drive away all that stress with laughter therapy.  Develop your funny bone and laugh out loud for a few minutes every day. Laughing increases the oxygen flow to your body and brain, thereby improving blood flow and energy.

2.)    Exercise: A rigorous workout helps in releasing endorphins, the natural feel good chemical produced by the brain. Through exercise you move away your focus from the tensions and concentrate on physical activity, thus calming your mind.

3.)    Meditation: Meditating everyday will keep your mind calm and at peace. By clearing your mind and all information overloads you can keep stress and anxiety away and develop a state to better handle stressful situations. There are many different forms of meditation that can be practiced.

4.)    Sleep well: Many people stay up till late to finish off the work or just to surf the internet. But irregular sleep pattern reduces your productivity, making it more fatigued and increases stress. Getting a good night’s sleep improves the brain function and refreshes the body.

5.)    Pursue your hobbies: Involving yourself in what you enjoy doing will take your mind off the regular pressures. Engaging in any activity whether reading book, splaying sports or painting every week can rejuvenate you and banish all that stress.

Spending sleepless nights, increased hyperactivity and worrying are signs that you need to control your stress. In certain cases, following the daily routine may not be enough and might call for a psychiatrist’s or a psychologist’s involvement.

Consult a psychiatrist or a psychologist if you experience the side effects of heightened strain.

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