Make heart choices, not hard choices

Make heart choices, not hard choices

Every minute, 13 people succumb to heart attacks. Have you made sure that you and your dear ones are not the next?


Many of us feel that heart diseases are not for the young. If so, you are grossly mistaken. According to Cardiologists, the number of heart patients in the age group of 20 – 30 has almost doubled. A leading Indian daily, quoting a leading Cardiologist, mentioned that a young heart patient walks in to the hospital almost every week, whereas 5 years ago, their frequency was once a month.

Is the younger generation heading to a ‘heart crisis’ zone?

What makes the Gen Y prone to cardiovascular diseases?

As per Cardiologists, the way we live, work, sleep and eat have an impact on our heart. Our modern lifestyle is so heart unfriendly, that we end up at the Cardiologist’s table way before we cross into our mid-30s.


The Lancet Medical journal reported that lifestyle changes can prevent premature deaths by 40% by 2025. Here are 5 important life style changes which you should incorporate for a healthy heart:

Monitor your working hours

Do you work long stressful hours 7 days a week? Then, you are headed for trouble. The American Journal of Industrial Medicine reports that those who work 80 hours a week doubled their chances of getting a heart attack.

As per a news report, around 25% of the heart attack patients at a leading hospital in the Capital during the last financial year were in the age group of 20 to 35, and majority of them were executives.

Here are some tips from Cardiologists for working executives to prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases:

  • Cut down on working hours
  • Delegate work
  • Take regular holidays
  • De-stress yourself on weekends
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Walk a mile daily

Let’s go smoke-free

The nicotine in the tobacco causes the blood vessels to constrict, making it tougher for blood to reach the heart muscles. Long term smoking can lead to clots, blocking arteries as a result. No wonder, cardiologists say that smokers have twice the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases than non-smokers.


Are you a smoker? If so, try to abstain from it. If you find it tough to kick off the habit, enlist a professional to help you. Avoid second-hand smoke too. It is as dangerous as smoking. Excuse yourself from people when they smoke.

Keep your pressure in check

The higher your BP, the higher is the pressure exerted by the blood against the arterial walls. Years of high BP or hypertension damages the arterial walls, leading eventually to a heart attack.

Keep your BP in check. Eat healthy food and drink alcohol in moderation. It’s better to avoid smoking too to keep your blood pressure under check. Watch your body weight at all times and make sure it is within the normal range. In case, you have hypertension, undergo regular medication.

Walk a mile

All cardiologists recommend daily physical activity to keep your heart healthy. It is very easy to incorporate simple physical exercises in your daily routine. Go for long walks or swims during weekends. Walk to the market, rather than taking your bike or car. Climb a few floors every day.

Breathe easy

Stress is termed as the ‘silent killer’ of our hearts by Cardiologists. But one could ask as how to avoid stress in our daily life.

Unrealistic official targets to crumbling personal lives – the reasons for stress can vary from person to person. Most of us feel it easy to down our stress in a mug of beer or a smoke. But, isn’t that the dangerous way to fight stress?

Cardiologists say that the power to fight and react to stress positively is in all of us. Here are tips from Psychiatrists and Cardiologists to prevent stress from taking over our lives:

  • Meditate regularly, at least for 15 to 20 minutes daily
  • Exercise regularly
  • When it gets too stressful at work, get up from your desk and walk across the block
  • Listen to your favourite music tracks
  • Play with kids (It releases happy neuro-transmitters)
  • Eat healthy food
  • In case, you are depressed, don’t hesitate to take professional help.

All said and done, here are the heart attack symptoms which you should not ignore:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Uncontrolled sweating
  • Rapid heartbeats
  • Chest pain
  • Uncomfortable pressure on chest

In case, you or your near ones experience any of the above symptoms, rush in to the nearest Cardiologist or hospital. Timely assistance can save lives. You can locate a Cardiologist nearest to you on

Take care of your heart, incorporate heart-friendly choices, undergo regular medical examinations and prevent the onset of heart diseases.