Why you should not ignore that lump

Why you should not ignore that lump

Spending sleepless nights worried about that lump in your breast? Then, sweat no more! Oncologists say that only 20% of breast lumps are cancerous. But does that imply that you ignore them?

A study estimated that 1 in 28 Indian women develop breast cancer in their lifetime. If you stay in an urban area, the probability is 1 in 22! And we are developing it early too. The study found out that the average age of the high-risk group for breast cancer is 43-46 years in India. In contrast, in the Western countries, women in the age group of 53-57 years are more likely to develop breast cancer.

It isn’t the death knell


Many of us still associate cancer, in any part of the body, to lead to early death. But Oncologists say on the contrary. The earlier you are diagnosed of having breast cancer and subsequently treated, the higher are the survival rates. When breast cancer is detected early in the localized stage (cancer only within the breast and has not spread to surrounding breast tissue), the 5-year survival rate is as high as 98%.


Doctors say that breast self-examination is the best way to find out lumps. They say that women should perform breast self-examination at least once in a month. According to John Hopkins Medical Centre in the U.S., 40% of diagnosed breast cancers are noticed by women who found out a lump in their breasts.

Why don’t you place a reminder on your phone every month for breast self-examination?


In case, you find any of the above symptoms, schedule an appointment with a Doctor/Oncologist. You can locate the trusted Doctor/Oncologist for consultation here: https://www.lybrate.com/

Even though breast cancer cannot be prevented in many cases, Oncologists say that lifestyle changes can help one avoid them to a large extent.


Shatter them

Cancer brings with it a slew of fears in the patient and the near ones. And these fears have given birth to a lot of myths, in particular about breast cancer. Here, we shatter some myths regarding breast cancer:

Ohh.. that pain

Doctors say that breast pain is hardly a symptom of breast cancer. The breast pain will accompany puberty in girls, menopause, during the early stages of pregnancy and lactation period. However, if your pain is accompanied with discharge from your nipples or a new lump, you should consult a physician or an Oncologist.

It runs in the genes

Many still believe that one will develop breast cancer only if her first degree relatives (mother/ sister) have had breast cancer.

For sure, family history of breast cancer increases the risk of one developing the disease. But this does not dilute the fact that many women have developed breast cancer, even though their first degree or second degree relatives (aunt or grandmother) never had.

So, be on the guard!

You can still spray that on!

Many-a-time, we tend to hear that anti-perspirant sprays and Deodorants can lead to breast cancer. The villain in the Deodorants was considered to be the chemical ‘parabens’ (used as preservatives in deodorants). Parabens are considered to promote tumours. However, in the absence of major studies in this regard, one cannot just believe this and ban deos.

Are you still worried about the cancer risk from using deodorants? Then, read the label before you buy the next packet of deodorant and go for a paraben-free product.

It’s gender neutral

Maybe, this is the biggest misconception regarding breast cancer – only women develop it. However, this is far from true. Men also develop breast cancer, though the number of men developing it is few and rare.

The symptoms of male breast cancer remain the same as those in women. So for the men out there, if you find yourself showing the warning signs of breast cancer, don’t delay your consultation with an Oncologist.

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