Lybrate Observes Diabetes Week, 13th-20th Nov, to Educate People about Diabetes

Lybrate Observes Diabetes Week, 13th-20th Nov, to Educate People about Diabetes

“Diabetes” – the very mention of this disease shoots words like “Old Age” “Sweets”, “Obesity”, and “Helplessness” in your mind. But, diabetes only has a loose association with all these words. It’s a much more serious menace than what people think it is. The disease can clasp anyone in its clutches irrespective of their age and lifestyle.

We also do this mistake of considering diabetes a non-serious disease and perhaps start learning to live with it. We just keep changing lifestyle and eating habits as the disease grows without even understanding that whether those changes are needed or not.

In order to mop these clouds of ambiguity up, Lybrate’s healthcare professionals, in association with some of the most eminent doctors on the topic from across the country, have decided to observe the Diabetes Week. This week, starting from 13th November, would be observed in line with the World Diabetes Day commencing on 14th November.

For a Better Future


The week would see these reputed doctors sharing their views and tips on various dimensions related to Diabetes. It would cover topics like Child Diabetes, Approach of Ayurveda to handle diabetes, Myths and Facts, Diet Plans, Fitness Regimes, etc.

We invite you all to join hands in this noble initiative. Spread the word by sharing, commenting, and liking the related pages. You can pass the information you would garner from this week to your dad, mom, or anyone you find struggling with diabetes. Not only that, you can use these gold mines of knowledge to keep yourself  and your loved ones away from diabetes.

Follow our blog and check out our social media sites to stay updated about the activities in the Diabetes Week. Feel free to ask any question you have in your mind about the disease.

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