A Practical Approach in Managing & Reversing Diabetes Mellitus

A Practical Approach in Managing & Reversing Diabetes Mellitus

-by Dr Ramniwas Prasher

Chronic inflammation of adipose tissue is the new dimension added in understanding this complex metabolic disorder practically affecting every type of tissue & organ, although this approach is documented in Ayurveda literature about 5000 years back. There are 20 states of disease conditions of madhumaeha [DM] in Ayurveda from initial to end stage one if proper treatment regimen is not adopted/provided.

To select the proper treatment guidelines in metabolic disorders especially Diabetes, we need to understand it deeply. There are some life style & dietary regimen factors related to genesis & complicating its progression involving more & more types of tissues. Some of the factors specific to our country India in becoming the capital of diabetes, can be adopted in modified version to prevent, contain & reverse the disease process in Diabetes.

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  1. Sudden change in nature of work & its environment, As it’s a well known fact that our ancestors were farmers, need to do physical work & remain in well familiar & co-operative soothing work environmental with high moral values, this sudden shifting in nature of work from physical to desk work and stressful conditions effect the metabolic behaviour and accordingly we could change our eating stuff n behaviour. Now to compensate/ adjust in modern days we can do physical exercise in form of walking, jogging etc Yoga/ to be with you n your feeling for at least 15 minutes a day can avoid the manifestation of diabetes its complications and help in better control.
  2. Our work centric personal day-to- day activities, early rising at least 15 minutes before sun rise effect metabolic processes & proper utilization of nutrition and thus help in preventing, controlling the Diabetes.
  3. Eating stuff & timings of eating, balanced diet taking care of the appetite, avoiding frequent eating habits & capability of the digestion of person is very important factor in genesis, complicating & also controlling the Diabetes. There are studies in modern labs confirming the two big meals are good then 6 small meals as it was thought earlier.

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Dr. Prasher, MD [Ayurveda], Consultant Ayurveda is working since 1994 decoding & developing the personalized natural, powerful & holistic suitable methods & based on the same concept providing ayurveda treatments at Vedanta Ayurveda Clinic for complex  modern day’s chronic diseases & special health conditions.



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    Fighting diabetes require a complete lifestyle management.Exercise is found to be indispensable in curing diabetes.Yoga exercises is also found to be helpful curing and reversing diabetes.
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