Top 5 Reasons Why Doctors Should Adopt Virtual Practice

Top 5 Reasons Why Doctors Should Adopt Virtual Practice

Internet and technology has swayed healthcare scenario in India. Patients these days, for good or for worse, have developed this habit of checking out their own symptoms on the web, see medications and more often than not go for self medication. And the arrival of smartphones and apps has only reinforced such a habit.

We are at the helm of a cultural shift where patients are now more empowered with a vast ocean of knowledge called the world wide web. This shift has turned the traditional healthcare delivery mechanism upside down, where patients don’t want to go to clinic for routine checkups and diseases that aren’t categorically fatal.

So it’s high time that you do a little Attitude Adjustment and be where the patients are. And this adjustment is a precursor for Virtual Practice, which is gaining grounds the world over for its ease and efficacy of healthcare delivery.

There’s no denying the significance of Virtual Practice and to further consolidate that, let me take you through 5 important reasons to get on top of the phenomenon:


  • Patients Beyond Borders: The key benefit of virtual practice is that it makes you accessible to the patients from other cities, states, and even countries. You get new patients, and patients get the best doctors for their need.
  • Save Time. It’s Money: With virtual practice, you pick your own time and availability for consultation. This means spending more quality time with your family as well as patients and serve them better.
  • Learn from Top Doctors: Learning is a lifelong process. Virtual platforms have many doctors thronging in from different parts of the world. This presents an opportunity to new doctors to learn from the experienced ones. They learn about the new techniques and medications being used for curing critical diseases.
  • Build your Reputation Online: A good online reputation is the need of the hour. With patients going online to check for their symptoms and diagnosis, it’s indispensable for doctors to be there and deliver solutions then and there.
  • Empower Patients: Empowering patients is the spinal cord of virtual practice. Focus should be shifted from treating patients well to not letting them fall ill. This requires an environment where patients and doctors connect with each other like we do on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social networking sites. Patients should get authentic advice from doctors when they search for tips and solutions, and not need to go by generic suggestions made by inadequately qualified writers.


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