3 Things to Keep in Mind When You Find a Doctor Online

3 Things to Keep in Mind When You Find a Doctor Online

Shifted to a new city and need a doctor there? Or searching for a doctor in your own city but in a specialty you were never aware of? Or you just need a good doctor around you? In all these cases, the first thing you would do is to go to the web and search for the required doctor.

But do we carry out such search with some key parameters on mind, or just do it in the same casual way we buy stuff online. It may sound a tad “It’s common-sense. I know it right” thing, but a scientific approach is definitely needed. A small mistake or carelessness is life threatening. Let me run you through 3 crucial things to look for when you search a doctor online:

Experience, Education and Environment: That’s an absolute no-brainer. You ought to check-out a doctor’s experience and degrees first and then move ahead. But sometimes people take decision solely on these parameters. You must take a look at the doctor’s clinic environment and facilities before going there. Make sure the website you hit contains the details about doctor’s clinic and appointment details.

Patient Feedback/Reviews: Hear it from the horse’s mouth. Internet is an ocean of information and chances are you might land up on a directory full of quacks. In such a situation, it’s always logical to go for the website that shows patient reviews or feedback. This gives you a clear picture of the doctor’s capabilities and behaviour towards patients.

Doctor’s Recommendations: Last, but certainly the most important point is Doctor’s Recommendations. It’s not just about Patient’s Reviews, but if a doctor is recommended by other doctors then your trust in that doctor would certainly strengthen.

Apart from these important pointers, you can look for other normal stuff like the doctor’s online activity, social media profiles, etc for a better view. Next time when you go online to search a doctor, make sure you have these parameters in mind.


  • sanjana

    I Agree With you. your points was simply awesome. ya before going to
    book online appointment with a doctor we should consider doctor
    experience and reviews. Informative.

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  • http://www.8004asthma.com/ Kevin Gates

    The right education and experience apart, it’s patients/others reviews that make us take appropriate decision. Recommendations and references are always made on truth and that’s what we have to recognize!

  • rima sen

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