Lybrate launches “Say No To Self Medication” campaign in association with top doctors

Lybrate launches “Say No To Self Medication” campaign in association with top doctors

say-no-to-self-medication-fbLybrate, in collaboration with the finest doctors in India, has started an awareness campaign about the hazards of Self Medication for patients. The campaign would see doctors like Dr M.C. Mishra, Director AIIMS, among others, educating people about the perils of Self Medication and the measures to curb this potentially life-threatening practice.

It has been found that most of the people in India pop pills for apparently minor health issues like fever, cough, cold, and constipation without consulting a doctor, which could result in severe medical complications.

People go for over-the-counter (OTC) drugs like antibiotics, antidepressants, antacids, laxatives, etc for symptomatic relief. This could invite all sorts of unforeseen troubles such as drug resistance, addiction, and allergies for patients. Self-medication can also make a big problem go undetected for a long time, posing a potential risk to the patient’s life.

The problem worsened with the arrival of the internet and technology. Owing to shortage of time and general lack of awareness, people just go to the web to check their symptoms, and more often than not, do self-medication. Google searches give results which are mostly written by non-experts and should not be trusted.

Lybrate has initiated a mission to put a check on self-medication with its “Question and Answer” platform. People can now ask their health-related issues to trusted doctors for free and get multiple opinions right on their smartphones. Not just that, people can also pick any of the 50,000+ doctors on Lybrate and initiate private conversation for a medical advice.

The Q&A platform is benefiting thousands of patients every day by connecting them to the best doctors from across India. Patients can share their pictures, medical records and reports, and can even do voice chat with doctors in a manner they do on WhatsApp. Doctors can charge their consultation fee right on the platform to serve their patients better.

Self-medication is a very serious yet a highly ignored issue in India. It’s time we understand the perils of this practice and work towards adopting the best practices that technology has brought us. Lets ensure that we bring a minor change in our lifestyle and start consulting the experts. Why not ask a doctor and then take medicine, when it is as simple as asking a friend?

  • pawan pandia

    If i have some knowledge of medicine so can i use self medicine service.

  • pawan pandia

    Everyone have different mind for self medicine..

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