9 Reasons Why You Should Say ‘No’ To Self Medication

9 Reasons Why You Should Say ‘No’ To Self Medication

“I was running a temperature since evening, I reached home and popped a paracetamol before I headed out for the formal dinner I was to attend.”

How often do we do this? Very often! We pop in pills when we run a temperature or have a stomach ache, to de-cold ourselves when we catch cold, have a sore throat or even when we have flu. The reason? We know the symptoms as well as the treatment, then why waste time and energy to visit a doctor, right? WRONG!

There are too many risks involved in self medication, esp when it turns out to be irresponsible self-medication. These risks arise out of the fact that most of us are not specialised in medicine. While we may go by what we feel is right for us, there are many subtleties involved in arriving at the right diagnosis of any problem. Most health issues come with similar symptoms but turn out into something we might not even imagine. Potential risks arising out of self-medication practices are -

  1. Incorrect self-diagnosis.
  2. Delay in seeking medical advice when needed.
  3. Potential adverse reactions due to incorrect medication.
  4. Harmful drug interactions due to mismatch between the medicines.
  5. Incorrect manner of administration.
  6. Incorrect dosage.
  7. Incorrect choice of treatment.
  8. Masking of a severe disease.
  9. Risk of dependence, addiction or abuse.

We ought to face the fact that ours is a limited knowledge on medicine unless we are qualified to do so. Do we take up works of a carpenter or that of a tailor? No! Not even when we know exactly what we want. We share our requirements and have them do the job. Ever wonder why do we have this tendency to play around with our health while we have specialists to handle health? Doctors, themselves don’t do that. If you visit a GP for an ear infection, your doctor will certainly refer you to a ENT specialist.

Is it only for the information available via google searches that we can go about treating ourselves? We have to wake up to the fact that much of it is unreliable or unsuited for our individual case. A lot of drug choices as well as diagnoses depend on the clinical sense of a doctor. And the doctor’s clinical sense develops over years  by seeing thousands of patients day in and day out.

There might be an argument to justify our practice of self-medication – that it saves time and money for minor manageable issues. The good news is that it does not hold true anymore! For now you can reach out to doctors instantly, via mobile phones. Lybrate helps you directly ask a question to a doctor and get multiple opinions, without any charge and from the comfort of your home. Now, we can easily #SayNoToSelfMedication and be secure!