6 Health Benefits of Yoga

6 Health Benefits of Yoga


The number of people dying in India from non-communicable diseases have touched a new high. In India, non-communicable diseases alone are estimated to have accounted for 60 percent of all deaths in 2014, while 26 percent between the ages of 30-70 years had a probability of falling victim to the four main diseases – diabetes, cancer, stroke and respiratory diseases.

Though the figures present worrying state of the deteriorating health status of Indians, the fact is that most of the premature deaths that result from non-communicable diseases are preventable. The key lies in adopting simple lifestyle changes and diet modifications that can bring a great change. One of the most effective and proven way of staying healthy and keeping diseases at bay is Yoga.

Whether you want a workable solution for your health issues, want to lose weight, aim for a stronger and leaner physique or want a peaceful mind, yoga is a one stop solution that offers a holistic benefit over any other physical activity. Yoga is not just a physical movement of your body, what it truly does is to strike a harmony between your mind, body and soul that generates quantum of benefits. Hitting the mat regularly can do miracles to your health.

Here are the six major benefits that you can achieve with daily practice of yoga:

  1. Healthy and hearty: Yoga helps in keeping an all around fitness. Apart from a great way of toning your body, the deep breathing combined with various yoga poses helps in keeping diseases at bay and even go a long way in curing various health issues. The various yoga poses help in keeping the muscles and joints flexible. Yoga is an excellent activity to get rid of back pain, knee pain by increasing lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons. Sun Salutations and Kapal Bhati pranayama and power yoga help in weight loss. Yoga helps in maintaining the blood pressure and a healthy heart.
  2. Boosts immunity: Regular yoga helps in building the immunity and the strength to fight with diseases. The deep breathing helps in better circulation of blood which keeps all the organs in a healthy state. Yoga is a perfect activity to be performed during pregnancy. It helps a pregnant woman stay healthy and reduces pregnancy related complications.
  3. Boost sexual life: The postures that focus on pelvic region helps in boosting the sexual desire, arousal, performance and orgasm for both the sexes. It helps in keeping the genital area healthy and women can specifically derive great benefit in keeping urinary issues, reproductive issues or genital problems at bay. Women going through the painful experience of menopause can greatly benefit from it.
  4. Peaceful mind and better sleep: Half an hour of meditation and yoga will make you feel like a mini holiday every day. It relaxes mind and soul and takes you to the journey of peace and serenity. It helps you connect with nature and makes you a calmer and stronger person inside out. Practice regularly and sleep issues like anxiety and insomnia will be a thing of the past. It is one of the best relaxation and stress management technique.
  5. No more food cravings: Yoga makes you love your body slowly. You will find a great connection between your body and mind. It helps create a greater awareness about your physical and emotional sensations associated with eating. You will enjoy making smarter food selection and mindful eating. Food cravings is not something you have to fight because you will feel naturally inclined towards healthy eating.
  6. Stay energetic: The daily hectic life drains you out of energy? You feel you are getting old earlier? You look haggard and remain tardy whole day? Your personal and professional life is getting affected by your repeated refusals to formal and social events? Well, there is no medicine in the world that can cure this problem. A 15-20 minutes of concentrated yoga is all you need. Even at work, a few minutes of meditation will leave you refreshed and recharged and you are back to your work tension-free and energetic.

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