Get into the Gratitude Groove!

Get into the Gratitude Groove!

Singing your heart out can be of tremendous benefit, not only for your emotional well-being but also to your physical health.

Singinmaxresdefaultg exercises your lungs and helps improve the elasticity and flexibility of the esophagus, tones the intercostal muscles and strengthens the diaphragm.

It also helps improve your posture, saving you from lifestyle related disorders such as spondylitis!

Singing can help boost the immune system and can significantly improve blood circulation. As your lungs grow stronger there is increased oxygen supply to your ‘life atoms’ or the minute cells, keeping your energy levels and your overall vitality high throughout the day.

It also helps to maintain normal blood pressure in the body and in the long run this trait proves rather beneficial in preventing hemorrhages of the brain and other vital organs.

Controlled clinical experiments have successfully documented that positive sounds can influence brain wave frequencies and promote a sense of peace and calm within.

Say goodbye to your mood swings, generic irritability and even depression as you sing your way to good health with increased levels of the happy hormone ‘endorphins’ in your blood stream. Yes, singing actually sends the brain into a calm state which triggers off the release of these happiness inducing hormones

When people sing together they feel an increased sense of community, belonging and a shared endeavor. This sense of bonding can be of great comfort in times of need, especially to those battling depression behind closed doors.

The sense of communal bonding provides much needed comfort to many and has even gone on motivate and empower millions across the globe. Singing helps build confidence and a study conducted at the National Foundation of Medical Science, USA shows that singing also helps stimulate that part of the brain associated with long term memory. Thus, it can be effective in shielding one from Schizophrenia and related mental disorders.

Modern Medical Journals recommend that individuals sing for at least ten minutes every day to see their sinuses clear up, reduce stress and to live longer, healthier and happier lives!

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