4 low-maintenance Indian pets that do wonders for your health & happiness

4 low-maintenance Indian pets that do wonders for your health & happiness

Oodles of joy and endless cuddles are what you get when you bring your little furry (or feathery) friend home. The benefits don’t stop here. Allen R. McConnell, PhD., professor of psychology at Miami University and pet researcher revealed that pet owners were definitely happier than those who didn’t have one. Read on to know which of these friendly creatures work wonders for your health and happiness.



A dog is a man’s best friend, and it’s not without reason. You can get several breeds of dogs easily in India. Having a dog will encourage you to stay active and outdoors as they need a lot of exercise. Dog lovers know the calming effect their pets can have on them after a long and tiring day. What’s more, the British Journal of Health reported in 2004 that dogs are actually better than medicines! They lower your cholesterol, blood pressure and stress levels. Your fur baby can also make your child stronger and immune to allergies according to Science Daily. WebMD further reports that dogs are ideal pets for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).



A cat is a crazy cat lady’s best friend. Not to say that a man can’t own a cat or vice versa. University of Minnesota found out that people without cats are 30-40% more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than those who have cats. The same research also said that owning a cat lowers the chance of having a stroke by 1/3rd. Plus, they reduce the risk of heart attacks and boost your immunity. Cats know when you’re feeling ill and give comfort, thus enhancing your immunity. Research shows that they also reduce the chance of asthma in children, as exposure to cats prevents your child from developing allergies. Besides, according to studies cats have played a role in the therapy for autistic children.



Recent studies proved that owning a bird can encourage you to engage in more social interactions, which in turn is beneficial for your mental health. Talking parrots will greet you with a “hello” every time you get home from work, making you feel loved and welcomed. Besides, these talkers encourage empathy in children as well, as they can speak what they feel. Did you know that they can keep your mind sharp too? Training your bird tricks will keep your cognitive functioning healthy and reduce the risk of dementia, studies show. One major advantage they have over dogs and cats? They live longer and can provide a lifetime of companionship.



Don’t you wonder why fish aquariums are a common sight in medical chambers and offices? It’s because watching fishes swim has a calming effect on people. Children with hyperactivity can be calmed down this way and may even sleep better, according to recent studies. For adults, they are major stress busters and help you enter into a relaxed state. A study showed that the food intake of Alzheimer’s patients increased by 17% after watching fishes in an aquarium.


So go ahead and get yourself one (or all) of these and watch the positive direction your health takes.

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