How to derive skin-beautifying benefits of La Tomatina and other amazing global festivals at home

How to derive skin-beautifying benefits of La Tomatina and other amazing global festivals at home

Who knew that getting dirty in tons and tons of tomatoes being thrown at you could be beneficial for your skin? Some incredible global festivals (like La Tomatina) are not only great for letting loose and having some fun, but also work wonders for your skin. Read on to find out how you can enjoy the skin-beautifying benefits of these amazing festivals right under your roof.


Tomatoes of La Tomatina

Held every last Wednesday of August in Spain, this festival has been dubbed by many as the ‘world’s biggest food fight.’ Getting soaked in squished tomato juice can actually reduce a lot of skin problems. Tomato helps in decreasing pimples, acne and dark marks. Plus, it acts as a skin lightening agent. You can use it combination with various other ingredients (lemon for instance) to make a face pack, and enjoy its benefits at home.


Water of Songkran Festival

This one takes place in Thailand during the Thai New Year, and is 3 days long. People indulge in water fights on all three days, and it is considered to be a symbolic ritual of cleansing the body, mind and soul. It is known that water is a natural purifier, being highly effective in removing dirt and grime from the skin. Besides, drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily keeps your skin healthy from within.


Wine of the Haro Wine Festival

Another one in Spain, the Haro Wine Festival is held during the summer season. People have wine drinking competitions and immerse each other in buckets of wine, which is famously known as the Battle of Wines. Wine has multiple benefits for the skin including repairing sun damage, acting as a toner, reducing blemishes and even fighting signs of ageing. You can apply wine directly on your skin or even make a face pack with oatmeal, and other natural ingredients.


Orange of the Battle of the Oranges

This February festival has its origins in Italy. Pelting oranges each other is basically what this festival is all about. Oranges with its Vitamin C content can reverse the signs of ageing while a giving your skin a refreshed feel. It can open pores and reduce acne. Also, if you mix it with curd, it acts as a natural bleach; much less harmful than the packaged ones in the market.


Mud of the Boryeong Mud Festival

The South Koreans celebrate this annual festival in the summer months by flinging mud at each other. Being covered in mud from head to toe can provide relief joint aches and pains as mud has anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from that, it detoxifies your skin and makes it softer while maintaining the natural pH balance. Get a mud bath at home from time to time to distress and relax your skin.

So go ahead and indulge yourself in the messiness of these festivals while nourishing your skin and giving it the care it deserves.

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