Revealed! Fitness Secrets of John Abraham and 5 of the fittest B-town hotties!

Revealed! Fitness Secrets of John Abraham and 5 of the fittest B-town hotties!

Go out for a Bollywood movie, and you’ll see the hero taking his shirt off, baring his rippling muscles and fab abs to rescue the damsel in distress. Chances are even the damsel would have her midriff exposed, showing off her washboard abs (and maybe even toned legs). Ever wondered how these Bollywood hotties manage to look so hot and fit like all the time? We spill the beans on their fitness secrets, just for you.

170568-akshay-and-john-promote-film-desi-boyz-on-the-sets-of-bigg-boss.jpgSalman Khan’s Daily Cycling

The man who started it all. Salman Khan has an intensive workout regime that involves cycling from Bandra to Panvel; a distance of 50km which he covers in just 3 hours. You’d be fascinated to know that this B-town hottie can do 1000-2000 push-ups in a day! 2 hours of workout with 1 hour of cardio is his daily thing. A fitness freak, he avoids junk food and all things sugary sweet.

John Abraham’s Pescatarianism

For those of you who don’t know pescatarianism is the practice of following a diet that consists of fish and other seafood but not the flesh of land animals. This is what John Abraham sticks by to get his perfect 6-packs. He takes 6 meals a day and advises good food, good sleep and a good workout routine as key fitness mantras.

Akshay Kumar’s Basketball

The 48 year old is fit as a fiddle, and unmatched in his super high energy levels. He plays basketball three times a week to stay in shape. Long walks, swimming, martial arts, meditation, stretching and yoga are all part of his gruelling workout routine. He believes that home cooked food is the secret to perfect health.

Shilpa Shetty’s Cheat Sheet

The leggy lass is one of the fittest celebs in Bollywood. She follows a pretty strict diet for 6 days of the weak but cheats one day stay healthy and happy. Shetty works out 5 days a week, out of which 2 are dedicated to yoga, 2 to strength training and 1 for cardio. Meditation is how she eliminates the stress of daily life.293003-deepika-padukone-and-john-abraham

Deepika Padukone’s Dance Moves

This actress-cum-badminton player feels too lazy to exercise sometimes. On these days she dances away to fitness and a fabulous body as a result. Her daily schedule includes half an hour of daily workouts and loads of small meals every two hours. Padukone would rather go scuba diving to stay fit than hit the gym.

Bipasha Basu’s Kick-boxing

Probably the fittest actress in the whole of B-town, Bipasha Basu likes to mix it up when it comes to her fitness regime. When she gets bored of the regular gymming, she gets her adrenaline rush from kick boxing. Boy can she kick ass! Her daily staples include loads of water and coconut water.


Now that you know the fitness secrets of the A-listers of Bollywood, why not try your hand (or body) at some of these?

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