The 5 fittest Bollywood characters of all time!

The 5 fittest Bollywood characters of all time!

Through its 100 years of existence, Bollywood has given us some truly memorable evergreen characters. From Gabbar to Mogambo, Raj and Simran to Munnabhai; it is hard to forget them, and even harder to ignore them. Some of these characters turned into fitness icons that inspired us to put on those training shoes. We take a look at 5 of them imagesin no particular order.


Vijay (Don)

When you think about the fittest characters, it becomes hard not take a peek into the action hero of the 70s. And who better than the Don of the retro era? The most powerful man in the business of crime knew how to land some mean punches. The tall and lean physique guaranteed swift escapes, something he’ll always be known for.


Akshay (Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi)

Akshay Kumar retained his name for this action hero character that just can’t be forgotten. He performed countless jaw dropping stunts, and even took on The Undertaker in the movie! You have street fights, flying kicks, jumping from bridges and even a full split when Kumar’s character kills the villain, Dang. Need we say more about one of the fittest Bollywood characters ever?


Chulbul Pandey (Dabangg)

Let’s call him a mellower Bollywood version of Rajnikant. Chulbul Pandey’s punches echo with a resounding dhishoom! true Bollywood style. How can one forget the scene where Pandey in his dashing Ray Bans punches the thug so hard that he flies in mid-air before crashing into a car? That’s Bollywood fitness at its best.hrithik-roshan-salman-khan


Krrish (Krrish 3)

Bollywood’s first superhero was completely at par on stunts with his Hollywood brethren. He fought on an airplane, jumped down skyscrapers, flew mid-air and even caught a part of a falling building in his own bare hands. This is Batman and Superman combined into one amazingly fit Bollywood superhero.


Roma (Don 2)

We started with the original Don, and now we’re on the remake of this cult classic. Standing her ground in the field of men is Roma; a character who can kick ass as good as any man. Roma, the skilful martial arts expert, is Don’s worst nightmare. This gorgeous fighter holds a gun like a pro and isn’t afraid to put it straight on Don’s head. Beauty, fitness and strength at its best.


So why not treat these daredevils as role models and hit the gym? After all Bollywood has promoted fitness throughout the years like no other, making it glamorous and cool.

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