3 Nasty things you did to your skin today

3 Nasty things you did to your skin today

You may think that you skincare regime is perfect and there’s nothing you do wrong to harm your skin in anyway. But did you know that there are certain things that you do almost daily to give rise to serious skin damage? Here are 3 awful things you did to your skin today without even realizing.


Pressed your cellphone against your cheek

Now cellphones get dirty too with regular use; and your skin produces oil and sweat. Combine these two and you get a lethal combination that causes breakouts and pigmentation.

The sweat and grime your skin releases sticks on to your phone if you press it against your cheek. By not cleaning your phone regularly, you’re only causing all the dirt to get right back into your skin along with the bacteria that’s already there.

On the other hand the heat emitted by cellphones leads to an increase in melanin production, which in turn causes pigmentation.

So the next time you get a breakout or uneven skintone, don’t complain. Just clean your phone or go hands-free when on call.


Slept for less than 6 hours a day

A research in the UK found out that sleeping regularly for less than 6 hours a day caused early signs of skin ageing. Researchers found an increase in wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots, pores, dark circles and red areas in those women who slept less than the required mandate daily. Sleep deprivation is your worst enemy and a sure shot harbinger of premature ageing. Get a good night’s sleep to stay forever young like Sleeping Beauty.


Used a dirty towel to wipe your face

The best practice is to use to a clean towel every time you wash your face. Wiping with a previously used or damp towel can cause bacteria build up on your face, which gives rise to skin infections such as impetigo and even causes acne breakouts.

Avoid doing these nasty things to your skin and watch your skin glow with a healthy radiance.

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