Retail Therapy Works! 5 Reasons Why It’s Actually Good For Your Health

Retail Therapy Works! 5 Reasons Why It’s Actually Good For Your Health

‘Shop till you drop’- something most people would advise you against. But here’s the thing, no matter if people dismiss your retail therapy as something that doesn’t work, the truth is that it does. A research published in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing revealed that 62% shoppers bought something to cheer themselves up; while 28% did the same because they wanted to celebrate something. Here are 5 ways shopping is actually good for you.


Shopping makes life’s transitions easier

According to Professor Kit Yarrow, who works at San Francisco’s Golden Gate University, buying new things can help you in adjusting into a new phase of life. This is because shopping can be an excellent source of mental preparation, which enables you to visualise exactly how you’ll use the item you bought. So now it becomes clear why people shop so much before moving into a new house, or a wedding or even before the birth of a child.

Shopping cheers you up

You probably know this, and is precisely why you eagerly await those sales at your local mall. Well a 2011 study further proved this, and showed that those people who were in a bad mood were more likely to indulge themselves in impulsive shopping. In fact, 82% people did not regret their purchase and claimed that it actually brightened their mood. Selin Atalay and Margaret Meloy, key researchers of the study, said that retail therapy led to heightened moods and no regrets and guilt: a fairly positive outcome of harmless shopping.

Shopping can enhance your child’s development

A joint study published by Oxford University and the Open University in April 2014 revealed that shopping can improve your child’s development. Moving from shop to shop in a mall helped more in enhancing a child’s motor and social skills than activities that restricted him to one place. Dr Laurence Roope and Prof Paul Anand, both leading researchers, opine that the more kids are exposed to retail therapy, the happier they get.  So next time when you go shopping, take your kid with you.

Shopping increases levels of dopamine

When you shop, or buy something that you really want then you fill your brain with dopamine. Dr Travis Stork says that an MRI scan of a shopper’s brain revealed that post-shopping the areas full of dopamine are the same as the pleasure centres which are flooded with dopamine when you’re having sex. So that’s saying shopping is as pleasurable and feel good as sex.

Shopping as a form of relaxation and escape

Many shoppers view shopping as mini trips they take to help escape stressful situations and relax. In fact, online shopping has gained popularity in this regard, and most people gladly prefer ‘shopping breaks’ during work hours. Research shows that these mini breaks can enhance your decision-making abilities as they completely relax and rejuvenate your brain, helping it to perform better.

So now that you know that retail therapy is not as phoney as it sounds, and is actually a real thing, why not go and indulge yourself in some?

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