Struck by Cupid’s Arrow? Your Genes Decide Your Partner

Struck by Cupid’s Arrow? Your Genes Decide Your Partner


Researchers from the University of Edinburgh examined the genetic information of around 13,068 couples to come to the conclusion that your genes play a crucial role in determining your choice of a romantic partner.

Your height and genetic makeup can greatly influence what you find attractive. This is the reason why you unconsciously end up preferring a partner who’s either as tall or as short as you.

Researchers of the study found out that 89% of the genetic variation that is responsible for determining your height is also responsible for determining the height that you’ll prefer your partner to have. Basically, it implies the selection of a mate on the basis of similar and shared features.

Albert Tenesa of the University of Edinburgh and one of the researchers of this study said that “How we choose our partners has important biological implications for human populations. “This study brings us closer to understanding the complex nature of sexual attraction and the mechanisms that drive human variation.”

This research sheds light on how important a role genetics play when it comes to sexual attraction between two individuals. This research was published in the journal Genome Biology.