Go on a Long Drive to Prevent Dementia

Go on a Long Drive to Prevent Dementia

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A study carried out by the Colombia University, and published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, have put forward that being behind the steering wheel can ward off dementia.

The findings indicate that the act of driving is a way of keeping cognitive decline at bay. This is because when an individual is driving, it forces him or her to be alert, while giving the feeling of freedom, independence and self-control.

Plus, driving can present itself as a means for pensioners to stay active, which can further reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

Moreover, the study suggests that when the older drivers had to give up on driving, their physical and mental health went on a downward spiral, causing various other health issues such as depression.

Guohua Li, of Columbia University, said that for many older adults, driving is a part of their daily living and points to self-control, personal freedom and independence. Unfortunately, they end up stop driving as they because their cognitive and physical functions continue to decline.

However, he pointed out that when the moment of decision arrives, one needs to keep in mind certain considerations such as the negative impact that not driving can have as well as the creation of customised plans that can allow the scope of activity and mobility in the lives of the elderly.