Want To Quit Tobacco? Here’s How Simple Counselling Can Help

Want To Quit Tobacco? Here’s How Simple Counselling Can Help


Quite recently, an NGO conducted a one-of-its-kind program on tobacco cessation, establishing that a simple counseling on tobacco by healthcare experts can be very effective in motivating tobacco addicts to quit this habit.

The news comes after the implementation of this program in places such as primary healthcare centers, hospitals, workplaces, government health programs, schools and community settings across India. The tobacco cessation rates put forward after the completion of the program are very promising.

After the successful completion of this program and post a two-year long survey, it was found that 76% people had given up the tobacco consumption in private tertiary healthcare surroundings; wherein there was a 45% to 75 % fall in tobacco consumption in government sectors.

Similarly, schools and workplaces too have shown a decline in tobacco usage. The study has shown that under the 3-year program, nearly 82% people in schools have given up the use of tobacco and 62% people at worksites.

The program authority at Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation, Leni Chaudhari, who lead the 2-year long survey said, “During the survey, we realized that there are many people who want to quit tobacco but the challenge is we need to customize tobacco cessation program as per their requirement.”

The driving aim of LifeFirst (the name of the program) initiative is to build a competent team of healthcare professionals with proficiency in offering evidence-based dependence treatment to tobacco users in various healthcare set-ups; and put healthcare professionals through rigorous training whereby they can help their patients come out of the vicious habit of smoking during regular consultation.


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