Now There Is An Excellent Reason To Eat More Chocolates

Now There Is An Excellent Reason To Eat More Chocolates

Great New Reason To Eat Chocolates

Research findings of a new university based in South Australia have revealed that people who eat chocolates at least once in a week perform better on a range of several cognitive tasks compared with those who indulge in the sweet treats less often.

It is believed the reason why people experienced better concentration, memory and problem-solving ability was due to flavonols, an antioxidant-type, present in chocolate and cocoa.

Flavonoids can also be derived from fruits, vegetables and wine.

The study by the scientists from the Mane University, the Luxembourg Institute of Health and UniSA headed the Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study, a study which closely examined 1,000 people over a period of three decades and measured a complete range of health parameters. As a part of the study, the scientists analysed whether eating chocolates on a daily basis had any connection with brain function – with astonishing outcomes.

Dr. Georgie Crichton, the lead author at the UniSA, said that cocoa flavonols and chocolate were connected with cardiovascular advantages, but not much was known about the effects of chocolate on behaviour and neurocognition.

“The study … found that those who ate chocolate at least once per week (or more), performed better on multiple cognitive tasks, compared to those who ate chocolates less than once per week,’’ he said.

Earlier research findings have mostly assessed the severe results of increased consumption of chocolates on cognition immediately after the intake of a cocoa drink or chocolate bar. Irrespective of the latest good news for chocolate lovers, Dr. Crichton said that the consumption of chocolates should always be balanced with a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Obviously, the intake of chocolates should be considered within a largely healthy diet schedule, with importance given to total energy consumption and a person’s energy requirements.

It is not as if for the first time scientists have revealed this fact of eating chocolates to improve our health. In fact, last year a British and Danish study of 21,000 people disclosed consuming up to 100g of chocolate every day, almost equal to two chocolate bars, brought down the danger of coronary heart ailments.

In the research findings, more people who consumed both dark and milk chocolates were connected to a reduced risk of heart ailments as well as strokes than those who consumed none at all.