10 Must-Have Accessories For New moms!

10 Must-Have Accessories For New moms!


As women try to be independent in every sphere of life, particularly in their professional lives, it has become cumbersome to bring harmony between their personal and professional lives. This can make it difficult for women to carry out one of their most essential responsibilities, which is that of being a mother.

The foremost important duty as a mother is to protect your baby against diseases and make him/her impervious to fight ailments on their own.

As breastfeeding is very important for maintaining overall immunity and all-round development of your baby, this should be your primary duty post-delivery.

In case you’re planning to rejoin your work, multiple accessories are designed keeping in mind your feeding challenges. So here are 10 of these must-have accessories for new mothers:

Nursing Bras

They are meant to provide you extra support and comfort during the initial period of lactation without having to remove your bra. Celebs like Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie have been seen wearing nursing bras during the first couple of months of their post-pregnancy.

Nursing Tops

Being a mom doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be boring. There are specially designed nursing tops, which are integrated with secret openings to offer easy access for feeding your baby. Tank tops, faux wraps, long sleeve shirts are some of the options, which help you breastfeed your child easily on the go without compromising on the style quotient.

Nursing Tanks

Breastfeeding at regular intervals could be a challenging task if you’re performing multiple roles like managing household chores and office work from home. Nursing tanks aid new moms to breastfeed their babies with ease and without any hassle. You can even layer them up inside your maxis or tees when you step out of your home.

Breast Pads

It is extremely helpful when you have a rapid letdown reflex and your breast appears to be leaking every time.

Nipple Puller

If your nipples are flat, puckered or inverted, a nipple puller comes as a very useful, small, handy tool to help you in the protraction and formation of the nipple, which becomes suitable for baby latching.

Nipple Shield

Several new mothers develop painful/sore/cracked nipples initially due to improper latching of the baby on to the breast. So a nipple shield proves to be of great help to save from cracked, sore nipples.

Hydrogel Pads

It is meant for painful and sensitive nipples.

Nursing Wrap  

It will not be an exaggeration to say that it’s an absolute blessing for careful and comfortable breastfeeding in the open as you can be on the go with your tiny toddler anywhere, anytime.

Nursing Pillow

Many nursing mothers are unable to live without a nursing pillow. Considering the fact that your baby needs to be fed every two hours (or more); it can affect your back severely. So, having a pillow to prop your tiny toddler on while nursing can lift off your load while alleviating your back pain and giving you a better experience.

Breast Milk Pump

If you are resuming your work and want to breastfeed your child, a breast pump will become an important part of your routine. It helps in extracting milk from a lactating mother, which can be later fed to the child using a bottle. A breast pump may also be used to stimulate lactation in women with a low supply of milk.