Learn About Health Advice Given To Women By Experts

Learn About Health Advice Given To Women By Experts


Today’s modern women constantly feel stressed and worn out owing to an increased number of responsibilities that they have to shoulder, juggling their family life, professional life, and social life altogether. There is no day to rest and rejuvenate your body and soul as even the weekends are spent doing everyday jobs, which are left unattended due to packed weekdays. Even a good night’s sleep doesn’t help and in fulfilling multiple roles, women tend to overlook their physical and mental well-being.

In addition, the misconception that mostly men are at the risk of cardiovascular diseases has been proved wrong and women are just as likely to suffer from heart problems as men. It’s only awareness and attention to oneself that can help in the long run in preventing heart disease amongst women.

This is where experts come to their rescue with their expert advice. Here are some valuable tips that can help you lead a healthier life.

Monitor your BP

The signs and symptoms of hypertension and hypotension are not much apparent and so are often left untreated. But it is essential that high-risk individuals get their blood pressure checked routinely to avoid future heart ailments. High blood pressure that has not been controlled can cause a rupture in the blood vessels resulting in brain hemorrhage, or give rise to clotting of blood leading to a brain stroke or a heart attack.

Never overlook acute leg pain

Whether women are housewives or working, they should never ignore acute leg pain as it can indicate peripheral artery diseases (PAD) that are caused due to blockages in the blood vessels.

Treat menopausal symptoms

One of the biggest mistakes that women make is when they think that they should learn to put up with menopausal symptoms such as sleeping difficulties, hot flashes, urinary problems and vaginal dryness. However, short-term hormonal treatment has been found to aid many women. Bladder problems, such as urge incontinence or stress can also be helped with medicines, day-care surgical remedies, and behavioral changes.       

Avoid inappropriate use of hygiene products and contraceptives

Maintaining a healthy vagina is as important as maintaining any other part of your body. So, often misconstrued yet extremely serious symptoms are pain or abnormal bleeding, which should never be ignored. Vaginal health may affect women’s libidos (their sexual desires), ability to orgasm and can even cause infertility.

Maintain correct postures

If you are doing things in the wrong posture, it may result in chronic pain. Be conscious of your sitting and standing postures and also make sure that you don’t put undue pressure on your knees while bending wrongly or lifting heavy objects.

Work-out to avoid osteoporosis

Women often ignore exercising, which makes them susceptible to osteoporosis. So unchecked weight gain, particularly post-pregnancy, results in back and joint pain. They should unfailingly follow their jogging and exercise routines to prevent complications.