Snoring can aggravate cancer and other medical conditions

Snoring can aggravate cancer and other medical conditions


A new study has revealed that snoring can aggravate your medical conditions and even cancer to a great extent. Habitual snoring doesn’t only deprive your family of a sound sleep at night, but also affects your health more seriously than you would have ever thought. Scientists have established a connection between sleep apnea (which is characterized by loud snoring) and worse cancer results.

Sleep apnea is described as a potentially serious sleeping disorder wherein breathing constantly stops and starts. People suffering from sleep apnea experience light sleep because they have to keep their throat muscles tense to allow airflow. A long-term battle with sleep apnea can lead to higher blood pressure and may even result in your heart enlargement.

In the Annual Congress of the European Association of Urology in Munich, a new animal study was presented, which talks about the connection between hypoxia and snoring. You could develop hypoxia when your body lacks enough oxygen, which can be the result of apnea. Various conditions such as stroke and high blood pressure were also identified with increased risks if an individual gets hypoxia.

Dr. Antoni Vilaseca, the lead researcher at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, to the Independent said, “Patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea usually suffer from intermittent hypoxia at night. This work shows that intermittent hypoxia has the potential to promote the formation of blood vessels within tumours, meaning that the tumours have access to more nutrients.”

He also said that we should be careful and vigilant when establishing a connect with these findings with the humans as it is still on an early animal analysis even though the research offers a feasible method on why the conditions which limit the flow of oxygen to the tissue could advance to cancer.

Arnulf Stenzl, the professor at Tübingen University and Chair of the EAU Congress Committee, thought that even though it’s an experimental study, it is significant because it reveals the influence of oxygen scarcity on the development of renal cell carcinoma tissue both primary tumor as well as metastases.

Former treatment for snoring can help avert these medical states and even from worsening.