Now learn 5 steps to prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Now learn 5 steps to prevent Type 2 Diabetes


There are two common types of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2. Whereas Type 1 diabetes is not preventable, there are still ways to avoid the latter one. In Type 2 diabetes, it’s your genes, which affect your chances of developing the condition. The disease is caused by insulin resistance, wherein the insulin becomes unable to function properly.

But it’s very important to know that in Type 2 diabetes, genetic factors are not responsible, but behavioral and lifestyle factors are, according to the Nurses’ Health Study, a US study going on since 1976, which implies that 90pc of Type 2 diabetes cases in women can be because of lack of exercise, excess weight, smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and a less-than-healthy diet.

Research also proved that nearly two-thirds of all Type 2 diabetes cases can be prevented or delayed with the help of simple everyday changes in your lifestyle. With Type 1 diabetes, which is unavoidable, the immune system of your body destroys the cells that produce insulin. Till this date, no effective treatment has been developed to prevent the damage caused by the immune system, which results in this condition. Learn 5 different ways with which you can bring down the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes:

Control your weight

Being overweight ups the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes as the body becomes resistant to insulin. As little as 5-10pc loss of weight betters the insulin resistance potential of your body, thereby lowering the risk of diabetes. Therefore, if you are obese or overweight, the suggestion would be to lose weight.

Never skip your breakfast

A new research study has shown that eating something and anything within two to three hours after waking up every day will lower the chances of getting diabetes. According to Professor Sreenan, skipping your breakfast is linked to higher blood sugar levels later in the day and favors weight gain, thereby increasing the possibility of developing the condition.

Avoid refined sugars

Consuming refined sugars leads to the extra demand of insulin production; therefore, it is advised to avoid cakes, biscuits, sweets, cold drinks, drinks containing alcohol, and sugar-sweetened desserts, which are low in nutrients and high in energy.

There is a growing awareness of the association between the intake of simple sugars and diabetes, including other health conditions; however, the professor still believes that the message has not reached the people efficiently.

Drink coffee

Do you know that coffee brings down the absorption rate of sugar by the intestines? It does so and also lowers the risk of insulin resistance, which in turn makes you less prone to developing the disease. Some studies suggest that about three cups of coffee every day help in lowering the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, but it has also been revealed that the evidence is stronger for the intake of black coffee without sugar.

Exercise every day  

Firstly, exercise is effective for weight loss, which in turn lowers the risk of developing diabetes. Secondly, it also betters your body’s ability to use insulin appropriately, which aids in preventing diabetes.

Incorporate 150 minutes of exercise in a week or 30 minutes every day most days of the week in your daily regime to see the difference. You can in turn break this into sessions of 10 minutes if needed.

Exercises important to lower your diabetes risk include jogging, brisk walking, swimming or cycling.