1 in 3 men are at diabetes and infertility risk; exercise considered the best savior

1 in 3 men are at diabetes and infertility risk; exercise considered the best savior


Doctors from King George’s Medical University are making use of a verbal tool to make men get onto the treadmill.

The objective behind doing this is to save them from an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes, which is considered a major concern of health professionals globally. Supported by a new multi-centric study and conducted by KGMU’s department of physiology, the health experts are asking men to lose extra pounds or succumb to the infertility risk.

Sharing that “one in three Indians is at risk,” doctors advice the use of “Indian Diabetes Risk Score” for self-assessment.

Kausar Usman, the endocrinology expert, said that everyone in 10 diabetics is in his 30s in recent times. Most of them believe that leaving sugar would help curb the disease. However, modification of diet, exercise and medication are much important. And, even though it seems that nothing works, there are things that fall in place when they tell the patients that diabetes affects their sexual life.

Residents define the verbal tool ‘formula 44’ amongst themselves. On why formula-44 works, Harjeet Singh, the psychiatric counselor said, “Turning infertile is one of the biggest fears men have and this phenomenon prevails across rural and urban spaces.” Diabetes is the biggest risk to health as it attacks all organs,’’ he said, “psychological tools work well for most.”

This research, that established a concrete link between diabetes and male infertility, was organized by Prof Narsingh Verma, with the study being published in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology and Physiology. He said that sexual dysfunction and falling libido are the primary symptoms of diabetes as per western literature. They compared diabetics and non-diabetics on fertility parameters, such as motility, morphology, and sperm count and discovered that Type 2 diabetes was damaging, he added.

Dr. DP Mishra said that prevention of diabetes is important for the economy of our country as it affects our youth. The impact on the health of breadwinner reflects on the family and its quality of life. Sometimes, it works in our favor to embark on the unusual route.