Now reduce your diabetes risk by changing your lifestyle, according to experts

Now reduce your diabetes risk by changing your lifestyle, according to experts


Health professionals and government representatives on Wednesday asked for a growing effort to control increasing cases of diabetes.

This year’s World Health day, i.e. April 7, is dedicated to controlling diabetes by the World Health Organization. The Indian office of the WHO hosted a consultation on diabetes at the Gandhi Medical College where all strands of the illness, comprising epidemiology, clinical features, prevention, surveillance, and treatment were talked about.

According to health experts, the onset of diabetes risk was changeable with changes in our lifestyle. Screening of the disease could help bring down the burden of this disease in India, which, according to the Global Report on Diabetes by the WHO, targets 7.8 percent of Indian adults.

This report was issued on Wednesday.

More than two lakh cases of deaths in India every year could be linked to diabetes, the report mentioned.

Principal Secretary of the State’s Health and Family Welfare Department mentioned that lifestyle changes even among the young population were the primary factor behind the increased incidences of the disease. Decreased physical activities among children and growing reliance on electronic gadgets were not favorable for their well-being and greatly added to the risk of diabetes, he said further.

A panel discussion was organized during the consultation, which observed discussion on prevention and treatment. The role of yoga and nutrition to avert the beginning and reduce the risk of diabetes was discussed in a great detail. Dr. Sreelatha, Principal of Gandhi Medical College, together with her staff took part in the program.