When it’s about oral sex, gender gap is found in attitudes

When it’s about oral sex, gender gap is found in attitudes


Similar to other forms of the gender gap, female sex may be missing out in the bedroom as well. A new study has proposed that women may also be losing out on receiving oral sex in their relationships.

The research, held by the University of the Pacific sociologist, Ruth Lewis, and Cicely Marston of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, interviewed 71 males and females ages 16 to 18 and organized follow-up interviews a year after.

The research finding focused on accounts of oral sex between males and females, rather than homosexual partners.

They discovered that in spite of often discussing an ethic of equal give-and-take in oral sex, many interviews depicted performing oral sex on women as a ‘’bigger deal’’ than oral sex performed on men. Specifically, both men and women mentioned that providing oral sex was more distasteful for men than women and receiving was ‘’easier’’ for men than women.

Lewis said that there has been an extensive research on vaginal intercourse, but we know quite less about the expectations of young people and experiences of other sexual forms of intercourse. This was a probing study that aimed to provide them with an idea of young people’s take on oral sex.

For instance, the interviews disclosed the details of the language used by men to discuss women’s genitals, which was often much negative and that women were most of the times uncertain about receiving oral sex because of their knowledge of these perceptions.

Besides, young men were much more inclined than women to say that they simply didn’t perform oral sex if they were not willing to, whereas young women tended to explain strategies to make the process of providing oral sex more pleasant.

Lewis further said that the inferences from these findings suggest an urgent need for a clear focus on gender dynamics on sex education programming.

The study was published online in the journal called Sex Research.