Women live longer than men due to lowered birth rates

Women live longer than men due to lowered birth rates


Considerable drop in birth rates is a chief reason why women live longer than men in the present times, a new research study has discovered. Reduced rates of reproduction help in increasing female lifespan more as women pay a higher price for reproduction than men in terms of health.

The research has shown that women who gave birth to 15 babies or more survived on an average six years shorter than women with only one baby.

Nevertheless, in men, no such connection was observed between number of children fathered and survival rates.

The findings bear implications in terms of demographic forecasts as fertility patterns and predicted life spans are continuously changing across the globe, according to Elisabeth Bolund, the lead researcher and postdoctoral research fellow at Uppsala University, in Sweden.

For the study, issued in Scientific Reports, the team assessed 140,600 individuals of reproductive age from Utah, US through unique longitudinal demographic records and discovered that men who were born in the early to mid-1800s survived on an average two years longer than women born around the same time .

This study upturned overtime and women born in the early 1900s lived longer than men by four years.

During this time span, fertility in the production reduced from an average of 8.5 in the early 1800s to an average of 4.2 children every woman in the early 1900s.

Besides, the statistics show that only women were affected adversely by reproduction in terms of shortened remaining lifespan at the end of their reproductive cycles.