Rigid parenting can make your child fat

Rigid parenting can make your child fat


Did you know your efforts to make your child disciplined can be counteractive to his/her health? If you are a strict, rigid parent who uses harsh words to raise your child, you might want to change your parenting style because a study authored by Thomas Schofield from Iowa State University in the US shows that harsh parenting can lead to your child being obese. He says that rigid words can be harmful to the child’s health, no matter how much the other spouse tries to smooth out its effects.

Schofield’s study published in the Journal of Social Science and Medicine urges parents to behave responsibly as their parenting can have a long-term impact on their children’s health.

Researchers conducted an experiment where they filmed the behavior of parents with their children in 451 two-parent families. They observed the kind of parenting and its subsequent effect on the child’s health as he/she grew from adolescent to adulthood.

No parent was seen smacking their children, but some perpetrated physical aggression through pinching and pushing. As the experts analyzed the body’s mass index they found that the health risk in children undergoing strict parenting increased with the increase of affection from the other parent.

The study reveals that the negative impact of harsh parenting did not manifest itself into poor health so much in the beginning, and the effect was more prominently observed several years later in their adulthood after they moved out of their family home.

Authoritative behavior and harsh language can have a lasting effect on the brain, which reveals itself as a health concern later in life. Schofield recommends that it is best not be harsh with children if you want to ensure they live a healthy life. More parents should be aware of the negative effects of strict parenting and change their behavior towards their children for their good health and overall wall being.