Warning given by oncologists against virus responsible for oral cancer

Warning given by oncologists against virus responsible for oral cancer


The spread of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) during oral sex is very much possible which can cause cancer, a warning given by two oncologists.

According to them, the HPV Virus, once transmitted, may remain inactive for years or may even get wiped out from your body, but it gradually becomes the prime reason for causing cancer.

The consultant oncology surgeon at the Wockhardt Hospitals, Meghal Sanghavi, said that oral cancer is mostly caused due to HPV 16 virus and an undernourished individual gets easily succumbed to the disease whose immune system may have been compromised. People who go for oral and unsafe sex are at a greater risk.

In total, almost 20-25 percent oral cancers are caused due to the transmission of HPV at the time of oral sex, though merely five percent of the population realizes this fact.

Sanghavi further said that oral sex is one of the major channels through which the HPV virus gets transmitted. Basically, the symptoms of cancerous diseases can develop at all sites where the HPV virus has been present for several years. If the immunity of a person is reduced, it flourishes and may support the growth of cancer at any spot, including in the penile and anal regions.

According to the physicians, 500,000 people globally are diagnosed with oral cancer every year.

Another Mumbai-based oncologist, Jeevan Parikh, who has specialized in the oral cancer treatments said, “Oral sex raises the risk of cancer by 22 times. This is one of the easiest ways for the HPV to get into the human body and later affect other body parts too.”

He said that even though there were not many types of research performed on the subject, from the practical evidence it can be concluded that oral sex has emerged as one of the most vital reasons for causing cancer.