Western Diet is the cause of obesity: says China

Western Diet is the cause of obesity: says China


There is an obesity explosion in China and the researchers are holding western diet responsible. Foods rich in carbohydrate and sugar are the main culprits behind this obesity outburst. A 29-year old survey, conducted in Shandong, reveals that 17% of boys aged 19 or below and 9% of girls (which increased from 1% in 1985) were obese in 2014.

Joep Perk, spokesperson for the European Society of Cardiology that conducted the research, said that it is the worst obesity outburst in adolescents that he has ever seen.

YingXiu Zhang, the author of the research published in European Journal of Preventive Cardiology said that Chinese people are shifting towards unhealthy diets that have a lot of calories and fat and have low amounts of fiber. He also added that drinking lots of carbonated drinks with less or no amount of exercise are potent reasons for obesity.

Shandong University Institute of Preventive Medicine conducted a research where they studied the BMI of 28,000 students from 1985 to 2014. In conclusion, they found out that obesity in boys has aggravated from .03% to 17.20% and in girls from 0.12% to 9.11% in these 29 years. The study warns that Chinese people are at risk of increased cardiovascular diseases in the coming years.

Joep Park is of the opinion that the popularity of western food is causing a lot of harm in Chinese children and that they ought to return to their traditional nutritious diet in order to lead a healthy life. Parents can play a major role in controlling and eradicating this issue by introducing healthy food into their daily diets.