A minute of intensive exercise can keep you in shape

A minute of intensive exercise can keep you in shape


Too busy to workout is one excuse most people give to escape the gym. Scientists have now found that only one minute of intensive exercise is equally beneficial to long hours of endurance training.

The research leader, Martin Gibala, a professor at McMaster University in Canada, said that a one-minute exercise routine is not only time efficient but immensely effective.

Scientists analyzed the effects of sprint interval training (SIT) and conducted a comparative study in regard to moderate intensive continuous training (MICT) by the recommendations of the public health guidelines.

The study examined the main factors including insulin sensitivity, cardiorespiratory fitness and the way the body balances blood sugar levels.

An experiment was conducted on 27 sedentary people who were asked to do moderate or intensive exercise for 12 weeks, 3 sessions per week while a group of people was told not to exercise at all.

The team had earlier exhibited the impressive results of SIT protocol that included three 20 seconds ‘all out’ sprint cycle. The results manifested in the form of greater physical vitality and fitness.

The workout in the experiment lasted for 10 minutes with a two minute warm up, two minutes of basic cycling to ease from the rigorous sprints and three minutes of cool down.

The findings of the study were compared to the people who do 45 minutes of continuous moderate cycling. After a period of 12 weeks, the results were significantly similar although MICT protocol required five times more exercise and greater commitment.

Mr. Gibala says that people who are on a time crunch do not want to exercise. The interval based workout routine is a useful option for gaining health benefits in much less time. He further added that little physical activities like taking the stairs after a heavy lunch can prove to be very effective in maintaining one’s fitness.