Smell rosemary to boost your memory

Smell rosemary to boost your memory


Arecent study has revealed that inhaling the scent of rosemary essential oil can improve memory in older people. Researcher Lauren Bussey of Northumbria University said that the study concentrated on how the aroma of rosemary can enhance the ability of the brain and help people remember to accomplish certain tasks in specific time.

150 people aged 65 and above were included in an experiment where rosemary and lavender essential oils were diffused in two testing rooms respectively. Four drops of these oils were placed in stream fan diffusers, which were switched on five minutes before the people were allowed in the room. They were divided between the rosemary, lavender and an empty room with no scent.

The study tested their memory function by incorporating time -based and situation-based activities. During the procedure, they had to remember to pass on a message at a specific time and switch activities when a particular event happened.

The study also analyzed the mood and the behavior of the participants in all the rooms after the completion of the test.

In conclusion, the researchers found that rosemary heightened the memory power, enhanced mood by making the people more alert. Lavender infused calmness and peace in people by making them contended compared to the people in the unscented room.

Bussey recognized the need to further investigate the influence of these essential oils and determine their benefits on human life.


The study was presented at the British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference in Nottingham.