Low-quality eye makeup can cause infection

Low-quality eye makeup can cause infection


In India, there has been a considerable rise of Blepharitis, a chronic eye condition among young women. Use of bad or low-quality eye makeup is one of the potent causes of this condition. Other than contaminated cosmetics, overexposure to computer screens and wearing lenses beyond the recommended period of time can make Blepharitis worst.

Anurag Wahi, Senior Consultant at the city based Sharp Sight Group of Eye Hospitals says that application of expired eye cosmetics is the leading cause of Blepharitis, which is an inflammation of the eyelid due to excessive growth of bacteria.

Another warning sign of Blepharitis is inflamed eyes with oily lids coated with particles and bacteria at the base of the eyelash.

Medical Scientists have discovered that the longer the eye makeup is used, the greater the chances of bacterial growth into the product, which leads to infection.

This is the reason that eye cosmetics like mascara, eyeliner, and eye creams have shorter shelf life compared to other cosmetic products, said Wahi.

There are several reasons that can cause Blepharitis, and it occurs when small oil glands at the base of the eyelash become clogged, which causes the eyes to be irritated and red.

The worst aspect of Blepharitis is that it is a chronic condition, which is difficult to treat and causes discomfort in the eyes.

Delhi-based ophthalmologist, Chirag Gupta, has talked about the two types of Blepharitis, which are anterior and posterior. Anterior Blepharitis disturbs the outer portion of the eyelids where the eyelashes are attached while posterior Blepharitis is connected to the irregularity of the eyelid glands that are responsible for oil secretion and lubrication of the eye. This creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Acne and dandruff are also known to aggravate the condition.

Although an exact estimation is not available, Gupta says around 15 % of urban women are affected by Blepharitis.