Cherry juice may decrease blood pressure

Cherry juice may decrease blood pressure


Cherry juice is a delicious drink that everyone loves, but did you know that cherries have many beneficial properties? It’s quite a health drink when you discover its myriad effects. A recent study added to its benefits, revealing that drinking cherry juice can lower your blood pressure.

People suffering from high blood pressure need to take a lot of medications to keep their BP under control, and a glass of cherry juice can release hypertension and lower blood pressure.

The study recommends the consumption of tart Montmorency cherry juice, which has been proven to control BP and also may reduce the need for medicines.

The research conducted by the Northumbria University, Newcastle showcased that men with early symptoms of hypertension witnessed a 7% reduction in their blood pressure when they drank tart Montmorency cherry juice daily in contrast to people who consumed fruit-flavored drinks. This rate of reduction is also comparable to the level accomplished by medications.

The researchers conducted an experiment with fifteen men who exhibited early signs of hypertension and 130/90 mmHg readings of blood pressure. The readings indicated that these men were at a higher risk of incurring cardiovascular diseases.

Men who drank cherry concentrate experienced a 7mmHg reduction in their blood pressure after three hours as the researchers noted.

The greatest reduction in systolic blood pressure happened when the vanillic, phenolic and protocatechuic acids reached the highest point in the plasma. Experts believe that these compounds are partly responsible for lowering the blood pressure.

The main authorKaren Keane said that the level of reduction witnessed after the consumption of cherry juice is comparable to the effects of a single hypertensive medicine. It only proves how efficiently cherry concentrate can be used to manage blood pressure.

Glyn Howatson, the lead researcher further added that the benefits of Montmorency concentrate can be connected to the presence of some plant compounds’ actions, which have positive effects on the cardiovascular problems.