Follow a simple rule to improve your kids’ eating habits

Follow a simple rule to improve your kids’ eating habits


Are all your efforts of making your child eat more healthy food going in vain? Researchers have come up with an easy way to make your child opt for more nutritional food. Arrange your kid’s meal in an attractive way and also, place them within their range.

Fast foods like fries, burgers, sugary drinks are excessively popular among children who always opt for such items over healthy food. In a study, it was found that more kids went for French fries over apples when apples were presented to them as a default item.

David Just, from the Cornell Food and Brand Lab in the US, says that it was quite expected that children would choose a tasty fast food item over a healthy default option. However, the researchers were surprised to learn the same response from kids when a relatively attractive option was presented to them.

The findings of the study have been published in the journal of BMC Research Notes.

The research team conducted an experiment where they offered 15 children of age 6 to 8 chicken nuggets from a fast food joint to see whether they choose their healthy default option or the fast food item.

Half of the children were told that the fries with their meals could be exchanged with apples and the other half was told the opposite that the apples accompanying their meals could be exchanged with fries.

The outcome of the experiment showed that 86.7 percent of the kids insisted on swapping their apples with fries even though apples were their default food. Researcher Brian Wansinksays that a convenient solution would be to include a small portion of their not so healthy favorite item in the meal with a greater amount of nutritious food so that the child would consume less unhealthy food and it would also act as an incentive to eat more healthy food.