Smartphones can cause hyperactivity

Smartphones can cause hyperactivity


If you have problems concentrating or doing quiet activities that require constant attention, you might be suffering from hyperactivity. Excessive use of smartphones might lead you to experience attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms, a recent study reveals.

Research leader KostadinKushlev, from theUniversity of Virginia in the US, says that smartphone users spend about two hours every day on their phones. Latest polls have shown that about 95% of people remain busy with their phones during parties; seven in ten smartphone owners use their phones during work and one in ten people admitted to reaching for their phones while having sex.

Kushlev further added that signs of attention deficit and hyperactivity caused by frequent smartphone interruptions have been noticed in the nonclinical population.

A research was conducted involving 221 students from the University of British Columbia in Canada, and they were asked to increase their smartphone use by keeping the alerts on and the phone handy for one week. Next week, they were asked to reduce their phone interruptions by turning off the alerts and keeping it out of reach.

At the end of each week, the students filled out a questionnaire about hyperactivity and inattention. The results revealed that when the students were asked to allow their phone interruptions, they suffered increased hyperactivity and inattention.

The study suggests that even people who do not have ADHD may suffer from some of its symptoms like constant fidgeting, inability to concentrate for a long period of time, restlessness during quiet activities, getting bored in the middle of a task.

The research leader commented that smartphones act as easy distractions when one is having trouble paying attention and this, in turn, aggravates the condition.

The study was presented at the Human-Computer Interaction Conference held at San Jose in California arranged by the Association for Computing Machinery.