Your pregnancy diet may lead your child to be overweight

Your pregnancy diet may lead your child to be overweight


Recently a team of researchers has conducted a comparative study linking 3,000 women’s pregnancy diet with their babies’ BMI (Body mass index) at 12 months. It has been found that the excessive consumption of drinks containing artificial sweeteners can lead your child to gain weight even be obese by his/her first birthday.

Babies who are born with increased BMI have higher chances of being overweight in their childhood and even suffer from obesity in their adulthood. They are also at the risk of incurring cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. While comparing expected mothers who consumed less artificial sugars than who drank more tea, coffee or sodas they found that the babies of the later moms were two times more obese than the babies of the former moms.

Author Meghan B. Azad, Ph.D., assistant professor at the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health and Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba said that it does not matter whether you are having artificially sweetened drinks or consuming sweet snacks that brand themselves as sugar-free  the effects on the baby is the same.

Azad and her research team explain the relation between the mother’s diet and the child’s weight gain. Consuming high amounts of sugar through food or beverages can cause irregularities with the gut bacteria that leads to greater absorption of calories and during your pregnancy these microbes can be passed on to your baby’s constitution to make them fat later in their lives.

Another explanation is that when you eat sweetened foods that have no calories during your pregnancy, your body is tricked into thinking that you are consuming calories when actually you are not and this leads to weight gain. This streak can also be passed on to your baby’s metabolic system.