Punjabi woman gives birth at 72

Punjabi woman gives birth at 72


Daljindar Kaur, a 72-year- old Punjabi woman from Amritsar gave birth to her first child on 19th April after undergoing IVF treatment for two years. Mohinder Singh Gill, her husband and she were pleasantly surprised when the IVF treatment at Hisar fertility clinic was successful to give them the gift of a healthy baby whom they named Arman.

The doctors carried out the fertilization process with the couple’s own sperm and egg, which led to her successful pregnancy. Embodying his parents’ desires, the baby was born hale and hearty, weighing 2kg.

Daljindar Kaur believes that her prayers have been answered with the birth of Arman. On 7th October 1970, Daljindar and Mohinder got married with the hopes of starting a happy family but their wish was never fulfilled. After 46 years of marriage, their wish of being parents was granted in the form of Arman, which literally means ‘desire’. Daljindar sends her good wishes to all the couples who are going through the same problem and insists never on losing hope of being parents.

Mohinder is an agriculturist who has given his land out to lease in Kharar and is located in Amritsar. Daljindar recalls how people recommended her to adopt but she remained stern in her wish to have her own child. There were two failed attempts but that did not stop her from believing.

On being asked about raising a kid at their age, Daljindar feels hopeful about her son’s future, and she is excited to see her son grow and receive a quality education.

There has been a similar case in India in 2008 where a Haryana woman, Rajo Devi, gave birth to a girl child at the age of 70 through IVF. Anurag Bishnoi, the head of the fertility clinic in Hisar, reported that both the mother and the child are fine after conducting an examination six months ago.

Bishnoi addressed the ethics question about having a child so late in life almost at the age of being grandparents. The British law advises against bearing children past the age of 45 due to health concerns but the American law has no objections and 90% of the society has no problem with the issue.