Increase your vitamin D intake by taking sunny vacations

Increase your vitamin D intake by taking sunny vacations


The necessity of vitamin D is quite well known. It is essential to live a healthy life as it strengthens your bones, lowers the risk of heart diseases, reduces blood pressure, and improves chances of recovering from cancer.

A recent study has suggested a fun way to improve vitamin D level in your body, by going on sunny vacations. The increased sun exposure on holidays is perfect to cure vitamin D deficiency.

For the purpose of the research, a team of experts from the University of Edinburgh measured the level of vitamin D in the mainland of Scotland and Orkney, which is a cluster of the island in the north of Scotland, and then compared the results.

Lack of vitamin D has often been connected to multiple sclerosis (MS) and Scotland and Orkney are on the top of the list of countries with MS. The researchers were interested to find out whether the deficiency of Vitamin D in these two places was causing the high rate of MS.

The researchers measured the levels of vitamin D in 2078 adults in Orkney who had participated in the Orkney Complex Disease Study (ORCADES) through 2005 to 2011. The result of this study was compared to the control group of mainland Scotland.

They found that although the people from Orkney suffered from vitamin D deficiency, their level was higher than those from mainland Scotland. Among them, those who went for regular holidays in sunnier places and the farmers who worked in the sun had higher levels of vitamin D than others.

Dr. Jim Wilson, the research leader commented that although vitamin D deficiency has been known as one of the causes of MS but in the case of Orkney, the lack of vitamin cannot explain the higher rate of MS.

The researchers suggest, as their study has connected sunny places with increasing Vitamin D, holidaying in a hotter destination could be an effective way to improve Vitamin D level.

The research appeared in the journal PLOS ONE.