Reduce your child’s aggression by omega-3 fatty acids

Reduce your child’s aggression by omega-3 fatty acids


You must have heard about Omega-3 fatty acids and its myriad health benefits. Now, a new study claims that they can reduce aggression in children within a short time. Aggressive behavior in children are quite common, they break into fights or quarrel with their peers. These kinds of reactions are a manifestation of conflicted emotions and impulse and they can be curbed by consuming an omega-3 rich diet suggests the new study.

Nuts, seeds, fatty fishes like tuna, salmon, and sea foods are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and are advised to incorporate into their diets.  The study shows that even including minerals and vitamins of omega-3 can lower aggression and antisocial behavior in children.

The researchers conducted an experiment with 290 children aged between 11 and 12 who exhibited previous episodes of violent behavior. They were categorized into four groups. The first group was given omega-3 fatty acids through juices and also calcium and multivitamins during the three months.

The second group underwent cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to understand the connections between thoughts, feelings and emotions. They also explored other alternatives to react to an incident in a violent manner.

The third group was given the supplements and CBT sessions while the fourth group only received information and resources to minimize aggressive behavior.

Blood samples were collected from all the children in the beginning and at the end of the study to determine the omega-3 levels.

Therese Richmond from the University Of Pennsylvania, in the US, says that at the end of the three months the group which received Omega-3 fatty acids reported much less aggression than the other groups. It proves that Omega-3 played an instrumental part in reducing the impulsive and aggressive behavior.

The findings of the research appeared in Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.