Find out why ‘dominant’ men attract more women

Find out why ‘dominant’ men attract more women


A new study reveals that men who have dominant and authoritative nature are more appealing to women. On the other hand, women who are submissive, timid and sensitive are more attractive to men.

The study was published in the journal of Human Nature which suggests that women and men with genotypes that are according to the accepted gender norms are branded as more desirable.

Irvine, one of the researchers from the University of California, says that the research was geared towards finding whether people’s potential to recognize ‘good genes’ influences their mate selection.

The research leader, Karen Wu, analyzed real life speed dating scenarios and observed people’s tendencies.

In these meetings, participants had only a few moments to measure the potential of their dates and decide whether they like them enough to go on a second date.

The experiment involved single 262 Asian Americans who had to go on a date for 3 minutes with the opposite sex. At the end of each date, the participants were asked to decide whether they would like to go on a second date and whether they liked their dates as romantic partners.

Participants were declared as ‘matches’ only if the likeness was mutual and both of them decided to go on a second date.

While analyzing the DNA samples, the scientists examined two polymorphisms (two separate genes), which were previously connected to social dynamics.

Among the two polymorphisms, one is connected to dominance and authoritativeness and the other is associated with sensitivity, which is a part of the opioid receptor gene. This is related to people’s propensity to enjoy social pleasure, pain and their need for relationships.

The findings of the study showed that women and men who have genotypes consistent with the gender norms are more likely to be seen as potential romantic partners.