Have fruits to make smarter kids

Have fruits to make smarter kids


A new study suggests that consuming a good amount of fruits during pregnancy leads to higher IQ level in children. The findings revealed that if expecting mothers have at least seven servings of different kinds of fruits or juices through a day, their infants incur six to seven points more on the IQ scale at a year’s age.

The main author, Piush Mandhane, from the University of Alberta in Canada, says that one of the determinants of cognitive progress is the amount of fruits consumed by mothers.  High fruit intake leads to the high cognitive development in infants.

The team of scientists examined the information collected from 688 children and other factors that usually affect a child’s learning process like parents’ education, family income and gestational age of the children.

They found that the mothers who incorporated more fruits into their diets while pregnant their children performed better on tests to measure development at the age of one.

Mandhane explained that the longer the child remains in the womb of the mother, more development occurs in the child. And having an extra plate of fruits during pregnancy is equivalent to the benefits of one extra week in the womb for the child.

Mandhane teamed up with Francois Bolduc, who is also the co-author of the study to examine the basics of cognition in fruit flies and humans.

Bolduc noted that although humans and flies are totally different, flies have 85% of genes similar to that of human’s brain activity making them an ideal model to research the genetics of human memory.

The study on flies revealed that the flies born of those which had more fruits exhibited better memory power which is similar to the result of Mandhane’s study of the one- year- olds.

The research paper appeared in the journal of Ebio Medicine.