Causes And Symptoms Of Hand Eczema

Causes And Symptoms Of Hand Eczema


By Dr. Jolly ShahDermatologist

Hand eczema is a common skin problem among infants which causes the skin to be inflamed or irritated. Most people do not have the condition by the time they turn ten however there are still some cases where it persists. It is important to identify it and know what caused it so that you can take your infant to the doctor in time. Here are the causes:


The exact cause of hand eczema is unknown but there are various factors which may influence it. The factors which may cause it include an over active immune system of someone’s body. Genetics and family history play a factor especially if someone in the family has asthma or allergies. Certain substances and other conditions flare up the condition as well. These substances and conditions include colds, upper respiratory infections, animal dander, soap or detergent and even colds. Stress also causes the condition to worsen.


First of all, hand eczema is always itchy. Secondly, the colour of your skin is also very important in determining whether you have hand eczema or not. In white people, the skin first becomes red but then starts to turn brown. This is not the case if you have a darker skin tone. Darker skinned people have various pigmentations caused by hand eczema. In fact, hand eczema can even make the affected area lighter among darker people. Finally, in infants, patches may appear on the hand.

Conclusively, eczema affects other parts of your body as well so if the hand has been diagnosed with eczema it is likely that other parts of your body also have eczema.