Digging Before Dieting (Things To Know Before A Diet)

Digging Before Dieting (Things To Know Before A Diet)


By Dr. Niti MunjalDietitian/Nutritionist

Dieting is a lifestyle change that can do wonders for not just your health, but your mind as well. But it might happen that dieting fails to give you desirable results. Here are certain things you should know before you start dieting that will help you achieve a fit body.

• Body Mass Index (BMI) – BMI tells your ideal weight by considering your current age, sex and height. Calculate yours now, to know exactly how much weight you must lose. If you go on a diet recommended to your younger, shorter sister, which is stricter than what you need to, it will obviously prove to be downright dangerous.

• Metabolic rate- You may have a metabolic rate higher or lower than someone else’s. It is important to assess, because once you know that, it’ll be easier for you to set attainable goals, or else you’d just end up starving yourself in vain. One way to know if you’re suffering from “metabolic syndrome” which may develop to type-2 diabetes is by detecting if you have abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, low HDL (good cholesterol), high triglycerides level or high blood sugar levels in blood after fasting.

• Physical activity- It is vital to assess your lifestyle and incorporate in it a minimum workout suitably. Even the busiest of people need to be involved in some physical activity, even if it is doing household chores or playing with children or even walking to your workplace from home, which also proves to be environment-friendly.

• Try to have a clear idea of your dietary requirements- You might be eating in limited quantities, but what you are consuming maybe laden with fats and rich in carbohydrates. As a result, you’ll be eating less and yet gaining more weight. Understand your body’s requirements of minerals and nutrients, and make sure your diet includes all that, so that your body is not deficit of any one of them.

• Diet responsibly- You always have the alternative to try steroids and other rather harmful methods of attaining your desired weight. But it is always advisable to diet responsibly. Do not use artificial methods of losing weight. Do not stop once you have attained the desirable weight because your weight is not stagnant like your cravings. Know exactly how committed you are to changing your lifestyle. Let the doctor guide you. And most importantly, enjoy the hard-work, so can you can reap its rewards later.