Foods and drinks best for your teeth

Foods and drinks best for your teeth

Diet Clinic

By Diet ClinicDietitian/Nutritionist

Oral health is an important factor that you should pay attention to in order to maintain good general health. The moment food enters your mouth, the basic procedures of breaking them down into nutrients begins. Thus, eating the correct food is important for maintaining good oral health.

Here are a few foods and drinks which are essential for maintaining a good oral health:

1.Foods that re-mineralise teeth

Milk, cheese, different kinds of meat and nuts provide phosphorus and calcium. They can replenish the minerals of the teeth after acidic content in the food has eroded them. Thus, they protect and maintain the teeth enamel.

2.Foods that increase water content and saliva

Avoid soft fruits. Instead of them, you can eat crunchy fruits like pears and apples and green vegetables. Having high water content, they do two very important things: first, they dilute the sugar they carry and then increase the production of saliva which is a protective agent against decay as it washes away food particles and acid layers deposited between the teeth. You need not entirely avoid acidic foods like such as lemons and citrus fruits, but eat them as a part of a meal to minimise the acid content absorbed from them.


Unsweetened tea, milk and water (fluoridated) are the best beverages for your teeth. You should restrict your consumption of lemonades, coffee and soft drinks that are sweet. Lollipops, French fries, candies should be avoided as much as possible. Remember to sip fast because long and slow sipping exposes your teeth to sugar for longer.

4.Substitute the sugar in your diet

Sugars are often fuel sources for bacteria. They stick to your teeth and become a repository of potential infections. Use sugar substitutes like saccharine besides using sugar-free foods.