The right age for sex?

The right age for sex?

Pradeep Aggarwal

By Dr Pradeep AggarwalSexology

Sex can be wonderful. Both males and females, after they reach puberty have an urge to indulge in sex. But, it is important to know the right age to indulge in sex to avoid various complications. Having sex early in your life can result in serious medical complications. People tend to differ on this particular topic, generally having sex after the age of 17 or 18 is considered normal.The best time to engage in sexual activity is when you feel you are prepared and that you are well aware of the consequences of your act.

Consequences in this particular context can be referred to as unplanned pregnancies and transmission of sexually infected diseases. Having sex when you are not mature enough can cause several problems in your life.

Rash decisions and actions can cause bring about adverse effects on your life. A sexually transmitted infection can have detrimental effects on health and quality of life. It can lead to a number of grave medical conditions such as AIDS. An unplanned pregnancy can cause various kinds of problems. Thus you need to be aware of the various facts related to sex and sexually transmitted infections for proper protection and prevention.

It is generally thought that the right age to have sex is in your 20s. Your body, especially the sexual system is adequately prepared for sexual activity around this time. The emotional maturity is also as important. You are also well aware of the various pros and cons of having sex. You are old enough to judge situations for yourself. Therefore sex education is very important when you hit puberty. It is quite necessary for you to be aware of the action of sex and the medical facts associated with it.